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 When can 17 year olds play adult contact rugby?

  1. The regulation that allows 17 year olds to be assessed and approved to train and play contact with adults is suspended until 1st January 2022. This includes players with an existing dispensation.

These are some of the players at greatest safety and retention risk due to the rugby they have missed – they will not have played a full contact game for over 12 months. They need to train and play with their peer group to prepare them for any adult contact rugby. This will affect some clubs at adult level, but the long-term safety and participation picture outweighs the short-term impact.

 This means that 17 year olds will not be able to play adult contact rugby from now until January 2022.

 We are currently looking at how this regulation would apply to combined U18/U19 teams and will confirm shortly.

 What are we looking at to encourage retention of U17, U18 and U19 players?

  1. Our focus is to enable playing options to retain the most players possible, while ensuring there is safe progression and support for players who are ready to graduate from age grade rugby to adult rugby, to help them transition this and next season.

 We’ve developed proposals which would enable combined U18 & U19 teams for next season and we’re also exploring how we can we align 17 year-olds playing adult rugby regulations, that have been suspended, with those U18 and U19 teams. This is a work in progress.

 The aim is to provide an additional option to existing U17 and U18 boys and U18 girls’ rugby, to help clubs, CBs, competition organisers to maximise retention of these players. 

 We aim to confirm details by the end of March.

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