Mon 12 Sep 2022 12:44

General Regulation and Playing Principles

Regulation 15 applies to the playing, training and coaching of all variations of rugby for all age groups up until and including Under 18s, including Under 19s playing down into Under 18s rugby (‘Age Grade Rugby’). This Regulation 15 applies to both genders unless indicated otherwise

Matters relating to Regualtion 15 are now beinig bealt with by our Age Grade Lead - Ian Hollingworth who can be contacted by email on

Most of our enquiries at the moment concern playing up, playing down and combining of age grades.  Regulation 15 sets out the detail and the process for approval which can be accessed via the on-line forms contained within the regulation.

Before submitting requests applicants must accquaint themselves with the contents of this regulation which can be accessed HERE

Access to the on line foms can then also be found within the regulation.

The regualtion has not been reposted on our web site.  This ensures that the official version of Regulation 15 together with any amendations is accurate and up todate as per the RFU web site.

Ivor Smith

Hon Secretary 

Essex County RFU