GMS and Age Grade Player affiliation

All age grade players are required to be registered with the RFU to ensure accurate contact details and consents are in place.

Over the last three years the RFU’s Game Management System (GMS) has been improved to allow players and parents to create and manage their own online account.

In some instances, clubs have been managing the registration process on behalf of their players, from this season players and parents of age grade players will be responsible for the accuracy of their own data. This will have the benefit of improving communications, it will give players an accurate record of their playing career and it will ease the administration burden on club volunteers and administrators.

From the 2021-22 season player registration will be known as annual affiliation, allowing parents and players to update their details and affiliate with their chosen rugby club each year.

On 4 August, all previous age grade registrations in the game management system were switched to inactive to allow parents to renew their affiliation simply through logging in, checking their existing details and saving to re-affiliate to their club for the season.

If your club has registered you on the RFU GMS they will be able to provide you with your login details or send you an email confirmation via the system.

There are helpful step-by-step guides for the renewal process and for brand new affiliations on the GMS Help Portal.

Affiliation Renewal

GMS Help Portal


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