Reminder of Age Grade rugby changes 

The RFU continue to highlight the changes to Age Grade rugby for the new season, designed to prioritise player retention and safety after important stepping stones were missed in the last two seasons.  The details are outlined in the Age Grade Changes document on the Return to Rugby page.  

This document includes the details of regulation changes to summer activity, 17-year-olds moving to the adult game, players moving up to the next set of age group rules and to combining of age grade teams.

As previously detailed in the CGU, the Age Grade tackle height law has changed.  The maximum tackle height at ALL age grades playing contact is now consistent at the imagined line between the armpits.  For more detail click here.  

The Global Law Trials (GLTs) are also introduced to the Under 15 laws. Therefore, the Under 15 age group will play to them from 1st January 2022 and Under 16 and above, from now onwards.  Detail of the GLTs is available here.

Girls Age Grade Rugby

We know girls across the country are excited for the new season.  Our expert teams have developed a season’s worth of support for everyone involved across U13, U15 and U18 age bands.  

Please see the Girls Age Grade Specific Guidance listed under this link. These, along with other bespoke resources, will help on and off the pitch with bridging the rugby progressions and connections that players have lost in the last two years.

for age grade rugby can be donwloaded from the RFU web site at

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